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Assign required reading - Knowledgebase / Required Reading - Holocentric Connect

Assign required reading

How to assign required reading

This article provides guidelines for assigning required reading to Holocentric Connect users. Any item that has a relevant role can be assigned as required reading.  

When an item is first created, the Required Reading option will be ticked automatically.  

To assign required reading, Administration permissions are strongly recommended. Learn more about how to change your web app permissions please see the Manage users article. 

This article includes the following topics:

  1. Assign an item as required reading
  2. View required reading information

1. Assign an item as required reading

1.1 Access the item you want to assign as required reading and click Open


1.2 Click Start Editing. 


1.3 Write a summary of what will be changed and click OK. This activates the release management workflow. 


1.4 Click Edit.  


1.5 Click Assign to assign the content to specific roles.  


1.6 Search for the role and then click Select. 


1.7 Be sure to tick This item is required reading for the Roles it is relevant to. Once you have finished, click Save. 


1.8 Click Finish All Editing and publish the item by following the release management workflow. 


The item will only be assigned when it has been fully published.

Please note, once an assigned item has been edited and published, it will be re-assigned as required reading to all the relevant roles. Users with that role will need to read and understand the updated version. 

If you do not wish to re-assign the item, untick the box next to the message “This item is required reading for the Roles it is relevant to” when editing the item. 

2. View required reading information 

Users with Administration permissions can view whether users have completed their required reading. Instruction for viewing this information are provided below:  

2.1 Access People > Users and double click on the user’s name, or click Open User Details


2.2 Click Required Reading.