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Complete required reading - Knowledgebase / Required Reading - Holocentric Connect

Complete required reading

How to complete required reading in Holocentric Connect

A user with Administration permissions can set required reading to users. This guide provides guidelines for: 

  • completing required reading in Holocentric Connect
  • confirming that you have read and understood your assigned reading. 

This article includes the following topics:

  1. Complete required reading

1. Complete required reading

1.1 Login to your Holocentric Connect web app. 


1.2 Access Home>My Knowledge and click View List next to Required Reading. 


1.3 Click once on the item and click Open.  


1.4 A prompt will appear. Click OK. 


1.5 After you have read the item, click the glasses icon.  


1.6 Click the box to confirm you have read and understood the item, then click Agree.  


Be sure to check back frequently to ensure you do not have any outstanding required reading items.