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Create and View Taxonomy - Knowledgebase / Manage Content - Holocentric Connect

Create and View Taxonomy

Create and View Taxonomy 

To manage taxonomies, a user must have one of the following permissions in Holocentric Connect:

  • Model Administration
  • Administration

Functional Taxonomy is a hierarchical framework that is used to group items by their business functions and capabilities to provide clarity by clearly defining the different functions and responsibilities within the organization.

Creating the Taxonomy

1. Go to Admin then select Categories

2.  Under Taxonomies section, select Functional Taxonomy  then click Edit

3. Click Add New Function

4.  Enter the Function name and Description

5. To add Processes in this Function, click Add to display the list of all processes

6.  A list of processes will appear for you to select. You can select multiple processes by holding down the shift Ctrl key and select the processes. 

7. If the function belongs to a parent function. It can be  added to the Function is contained in field

8.  Select the parent function from the list then click Select

9.  Use the left and right arrows to turn the selected category into a subcategory. 

Viewing the Taxonomy

1. From the Home page, click on the Operations tab

2. Select  Processes by Function to view the functions


The Browse tab is a curated view of processes relevant to your Role.  Refer to Role-Based Views

3. Click Show Sub-Functions to display any sub-functions.

4. The Open Processes button will display processes that belong to this function along with their category, relevant roles.