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Edit Process

How to edit processes in Holocentric Connect

To edit existing processes, a user must have one of the following permissions in the Connect system:

  • Process step editing
  • Process editing
  • Model Administration
  • Administration

System administrators can change permissions for different users by going to People > Users.

1. Edit Process

1.1 To open a process, access the Operations tab and click the Processes subtab, select the process you want to edit, and click Open. 

If you have opened a process that has no additional drafts waiting to be approved, published, or deleted, a variety of editing options are available.  


If the process already has a draft version (or a version that is awaiting approval/publication) please open this version to edit NOT the older published version.

1. 2 To access your editing options, click Start Editing.

1.3.  A release management workflow appears. It gives you guidance on all the steps you need to take to publish a new version of your process. You can write a summary of what you intend to change. Click OK to start editing.

This makes a new draft version of your process and you can start editing the content. You can edit different parts of a process. The editing options available to you differ depending on the part of the process that you choose to edit.  

2. Edit Details

This option allows you to edit the core information about the process. 

2.1 Click Edit Details to edit the details of the process

This includes:



Process name
The title of the process.
The introduction of the process. This appears at the process start point.
External reference identifier
An identification code/number for the item. This can be used if the item is being migrated from a different system or if a system of identifiers is required. This field is optional.
Relevant documents
Documents that are related to the process. These documents must first be uploaded to Holocentric Connect.
Related Policies
Policies or policy sections related to the process.
This is the short description that appears in the browsing menu.
Roles this is relevant to
Roles that have duties within the process.
The group to which the process belongs.
Required reading (for customers with Attestation only)
Tick this box to make this item required reading for all roles to which the item is relevant.  
Keywords for 'Search'
Keywords that, when searched in Holocentric Connect, will make the item appear in search results.
Remove from view
Tick the box to hide the item. This will make the item only visible to users with Administrator permissions. Hidden items are:
  • not shown in lists
  • not shown as a related item on any other items. 
  • not accessible by URL (will show item not found message)
  • not shown in any downloadable report. 

2.2 Click Save when you are done editing to commit the changes. 


3. Edit Sequence

This option allows you to edit your process map. Use the different functions at the bottom to edit the map. This edit option allows you to: 

  • Delete a step using Delete  
  • Change the order of the steps using the arrows 
  • Change the connections between steps and decision points using Connect to  
  • Add a new step/decision

3.1 From the All Steps view, click the Edit Sequence to open the sequence editor

3.2 Use the arrows to change the order of the step

3.3 Click the Connect to to update connections to connect to a new process, update existing connections, or add an additional connection for a process step.

3.4 Click Add new Step / Decision to add a new process step or decision point

3.5 Click Save when you are done editing to commit the changes. 

4. Edit Step

By using this option, you can change information about each process step. 

This includes:




You can make this section either a step or a decision point by selecting the radio buttons. Please note: the first step cannot be a decision point.


The title of the step.


The instructions for completing the step.

Performed by

Roles, organisations and/or people that are responsible for the steps.

Work instructions

If you have this enabled, you can attach further instructions to a step.

Documents used in step

Documents that are relevant to this step.

Policies relevant to step

Policies that link to this process step.


5. Version

5.1 You can edit the version control information for the process.  Access the Version subtab and click Edit.

5.2  Make the necessary changes. When editing Version you can add/edit: 

  •  which user approved the process 
  • the date on which the process was approved 
  • summary of previous content changes 
  • the date of next review. 

5.3 Click Save to commit changes. 


Please note that the location of your editing options depends on how you have chosen to view your process.