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Manage Changes - Publishing Multiple Items - Knowledgebase / Manage Content - Holocentric Connect

Manage Changes - Publishing Multiple Items

Publishing Multiple Items (Manage Changes)

This article contains 2 sections:

  1. Publish Items
  2. View All Release

1. Publish Item

Publishing multiple items at the same time will allow you to have multiple content updates in a single release.

1.1.You can manage multiple updates at the same time by accessing the Home tab and clicking Manage Changes

1.2 Click the Awaiting Approval & Ready to Publish tab to view the list of all updates that are pending approval and publication. You can also use this page to revert content to draft or to revert an impending deletion.

1.3. Any items marked ‘Awaiting Approval’ need approval before they can be published. You can use the interface in Manage Changes to approve the item. To do so, click on any item marked ‘Awaiting Approval’ and then Approve.

1.4. A release management workflow appears. Write a summary of what was changed and click Approve. You also have the option to select who approved the item, the date on which it was approved as well as the next review date. The item is now marked ‘Ready to Publish’.

1.5. You can also revert an impending deletion with the Revert Delete button.

1.6.  Select multiple items with 'Ready to Publish' status to publish the items in bulk then click Publish.


1.7. The release label and notes window appears. Complete all the relevant sections. You can edit the release notes later if required.  You have the option to publish those items selected in the view or all items.



Label this release
The official name of this release.
Release notes
Details about what updates you have made.
Post a news item about this when the items are published
If selected, you can post a news item on the Home tab to notify users about your content changes.
News item title
Title of the news item that will appear in the Home tab.
News message
The message that will appear under the news item title.
Include a link in the release summary
If selected, this option will allow you to include a link to the release notes for the item.
Email all users when this News Item is published
If selected, all web app users in your organisation (provided they have activated their account) will receive an email notification about the release at 5:30 am AEDT/AEST the following day.

1.8. Click Publish to officially release all items to all the users within your organisation.

2. View all release

2.1. Click the View Release button. Alternatively, you can view all your content releases by accessing the Admin tab and clicking Publication History.

2.2. By clicking Open Release, you can access a page to view notes for the release.  

2.3 Click the Edit Label to change the title of the release and Edit Notes to change the release notes.