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Manage Positions - Knowledgebase / People - Holocentric Connect

Manage Positions

How to create and manage positions in Holocentric Connect

Positions are like Job Titles. They are more specific to an individual than a role. Positions can have responsibilities (Accountable, Approver, Owner, Reviewer) to items within Connect, which drives change management.

This article includes the following topics:

  1. Create a new position
  2. Edit position
  3. Approve and publish a position

1. Create a Position

1.1 Go to the People tab and access the Position subtab. 

1.2 Click Add New Position.

1.3 A release management workflow appears. Click OK to start adding a position.  

1.4 Enter information about the position and click Save when done. 



Position NameName of the position
RoleRole that this position performs
Position filled by:Select a user (of the WebApp) or person (not a Web App user) who performs the position
SummaryShort description of the position
DescriptionAn explanation of this position
Business UnitBusiness Unit the position belongs to
This Position Reports toWho this position reports to
Who reports to this PositionWho reports to this position
Keywords for 'Search'Keywords that, when searched in Holocentric Connect, will make the item appear in search results.
Remove from viewTick the box to hide the item. This will make the item only visible to users with Administrator permissions. Hidden items are: 
  • not shown in lists
  • not shown as a related item on any other items. 
  • not accessible by URL (will show item not found message)
  • not shown in any downloadable report.
Item ResponsibilitiesLink any items of which the position is an Accountable, Approver, Reviewer, and Owner stakeholder.
  • Documents
  • Policies
  • Processes
  • Regulations
  • Risks
  • Systems
  • Work Instructions

2. Edit position

2.1 Click on the position you wish to edit and click Open .  

2.2 Click Start Editing, a release management workflow will appear. If the position is already marked 'Awaiting Approval' or 'Ready to Publish', open the position and revert to a draft so you can edit it.

2.3 Click OK. This will mark the position as ‘Draft’.  

2.4 Click Edit 

2.5 Make the necessary changes using the edit interface and click Save to commit the changes.

3. Approve and Publish position

3.1 Open the draft position. Click Finish All Editing.  

3.2 A release management workflow appears. Write a summary of what was added and click Finish All Editing. The new position is now ready to be approved.

3.3 If you agree with all the changes, approve the new position by clicking Approval. You will have the option to either approve the position or revert it to a draft (if you need to continue editing).  


If the new position is part of a larger release (i.e. a release with multiple content updates), leave it marked ‘Ready to Publish’. When you are ready, you can publish it at the same time as your other content updates by accessing the Home tab and clicking Manage Changes.  

3.5 Click Publishing to officially publish latest version of that position. You also have the option to revert the position to a draft. Click Publish immediately to proceed with publication.  

3.6 When you confirm publication, a release management workflow will appear. You have the option to edit the summary of what was changed. Click Continue to publish the new position.  

3.7 The Release label and notes window appears. Write official release notes about the new position. You can edit the release notes later if required.  



Label this release

The official name of this release.

Release notes

Details about what updates you have made.

Post a news item about this when the items are published

If selected, you can post a news item on the Home tab to notify users about your content changes.

News item title

Title of the news item that will appear in the Home tab.

News message

The message that will appear under the news item title.

Include link in release summary

If selected, this option will allow you to include a link to the release notes for the item.

Email all users when this News Item is published

If selected, all web app users in your organisation (provided they have activated their account) will receive an email notification about the release at 5:30 am AEDT/AEST the following day.

3.8 Click Publish to officially include the new position in the system. You will receive confirmation when the item is published.