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Navigation Basics - Knowledgebase / Access, Navigation and Troubleshooting - Holocentric Connect

Navigation Basics

Navigation basics in Holocentric Connect

This article outlines how to navigate Holocentric Connect. 

  1. Parent and child menus
  2. Portal tabs
    2.1 Home
    2.2 Operations
    2.3 Governance
    2.4 Documents
    2.5 People
    2.6 Admin
  3. Additional functions

1. Parent and child menus

Holocentric Connect has a parent and child menu system as highlighted in the screenshot below (parent is yellow, child is red). The tabs displayed in the child menu will change, depending on what parent menu tab is selected. 


2. Portal Tabs

2.1 Home

2.1.1 Welcome

The default landing page when you first sign in to the web app is the Welcome page, underneath the Home tab.  


The Welcome tab displays:

  • Homepage image and accompanying message
  • News and updates module 

For more information on how to customise this content, view the Homepage image and document logo article. 

2.1.2 Report & Improve

The Report & Improve tab houses the registers features; Incidents, Complaints, Feedback and Improvements. For more information on how to use these features, view the Incidents, Complaints, Feedback and Improvements article. 


2.1.3 My Knowledge 

The My Knowledge tab is used for accessing and setting-up Required Reading. For more information on how to use and assign Required Reading , view the Required Reading articles.


2.1.4 Glossary 

The Glossary tab is where you can view, edit, and add terms that are relevant to your business. Once a glossary term is added, it can be used in any item type (process, policy, work instruction etc.). Any updates to a term can be made from this central Glossary tab, and the updates will be applied to all instances throughout the system.  


2.2 Operations

2.2.1 Operations - Browse 

The Operations tab houses Processes, Work Instructions, and Systems. It also has a Browse tab (the landing page), which lets users filter Operations content based on roles. 


2.2.2 Processes 

The processes tab is where users go to create, edit, and view business processes.


There are a few things to observe when looking at the processes tab. 


Highlighting a process will enable buttons on the top right (beneath the child menu). From here, users can download process information as a pdf or xlsx, open a process, or add a new process. Note: some users will also be able to delete a process depending on their level of permissions.  

Users can also filter processes by using the arrows available or typing into the search bar under each heading. 


2.2.3 Work Instructions 

The Work Instructions tab is where users go to create, edit, and view Work Instructions. It functions in the same way as the Processes Tab, as outlined above. 


2.2.4 Systems