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Reporting Options

Reporting Options in Holocentric Connect

In the Holocentric Connect, you can generate reports from items views or from within an item. You can use the Download button to display the reporting options available.

Holocentric Connect offers several reporting options for the different item types in the model.

Selected items

A group of items you have manually selected by holding down the Ctrl key + clicking on the item

Filtered items

A list of items that are a result of filtering criteria

All published

All items that have a status of Published. You don't need to filter the view. The option to download only published item is available by default.

Individual item reporting

You can report on an open item by selecting the download button

You will be presented with the reporting options for this item

Report Content

The below table outlines the reporting options available and the report format:


Processes, All Steps, ordered alphabetically (PDF)
Processes, All Steps, ordered by category (PDF)
Processes, relationships, and version information (XLSX)

Work Instructions

Work Instructions, ordered alphabetically (PDF)
Work Instructions, ordered by category (PDF)
Work Instructions, with version information (XLSX)


Systems, with version information (XLSX)


Policies, ordered alphabetically (PDF)
Policies, ordered by category (PDF)
Policies, relationships, and version information (XLSX)


Regulations, ordered alphabetically (PDF)
Regulations, ordered by category (PDF)
Regulations, relationships and version information (XLSX)


Controls, with all information (XLSX)


Risks, with all information (XLSX)


Documents, with version information (XLSX)


Persons, with version information (XLSX)


Roles, with version information (XLSX)


Positions, with version information (XLSX)


User Details Summary (XLSX)
Knowledge Details User Summary (XLSX)
Required Reading User Summary (XLSX)