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Send email notifications

Send email notifications in Holocentric Connect 

Holocentric Connect users with administrator access can send email notifications to notify all other users in their organisation about content updates and other news.

If you have chosen to send several notifications they will all be combined into one email. All email notifications will be sent out at 5:30 am AEST/AEDT the day after you initially select to send them. For instance, if you send a notification from Holocentric Connect on Monday, users will receive it at 5:30 am AEST/AEDT on Tuesday.

This article includes the following topics:

  1. Send email notifications while publishing changes
  2. Send a news item as an email notification
  3. Administrator email notification settings

1. Send email notification while publishing changes

You have the option to send out an email notification when you publish new content. This applies when you:

  • publish a single item
  • delete a single item
  • publish and/or delete multiple items at once.

1.1  Reach the end of your release management workflow to access the release notes window. 

1.2 After you have filled out all other necessary information, scroll to the bottom of the release management window. Tick the box that says Email all users when this News Item is published. Click Publish. The email notification will be sent to all other web app users the following day.  


2. Send a news item as an email notification

You can send any existing news item as an email notification. 

2.1 Access the Home tab and click Edit News.


2.2 Use the navigation arrows to find the news item you want to send as an email. Click on the news item once and click Edit Item.


2.3 To send the news item as a notification, click either Re-publish immediately or Re-schedule. If you are rescheduling, select a date for when you want the news item to be published on the web app. Tick the box that says Email all users when this News Item is published and click OK to commit changes.

edit-news-item.png3. Administrator email notification settings

Holocentric Connect users with Administration and Model Administration permissions can choose to send out a variety of other email notifications. Administrators can turn these notifications on and off in Admin>App Settings. 

A summary of these options is in the table below:


Email notification option 


Items due for review

Email notifications sent to Administrators and Model Administrators at 6:10 AM AEST regarding items that are due for review that day.

Items allocated

Email notifications about different register items (i.e. incidents, complaints, feedback and improvements) sent to different position holders within the system. These notifications are sent out to users with Incident & Improvement manager permissions that have a position assigned. Emails are sent out each day at 9pm AEST.

Required reading reminder

Monthly email reminders to users that still have to complete required reading.

Email app feedback toWeb app feedback  sent to selected web app users.